(Trailer) The Purge: Writer’s Cut

Listen to the trailer, author, and shudder. The Purge is coming.

There is no forgiveness for bad writing.

Which writer will survive?

Who will be removed from the group… forever?

Coming soon to theaters nowhere, a riveting drama. Writer on writer carnage. Authors gone mad. It’s the final execution of that old tired trope… and the author who dared put it on paper.


This particular sketch was inspired by a writer’s WeChat group I’m in that announced its plans to boot out anyone who wasn’t actively participating in the group. I had a good laugh making it.

It feels like most of the time, I am working on recording everyone else’s projects and scripts, and don’t have so much time for just messing around. It’s wonderful going into a studio and working with people, and it’s also wonderful when I work in my home studio — there’s no way to complain about that. Still, it’s great to be able to write the script and do all of the mixing and mastering myself. This was the first time I used this particular mix of extra reverb on characters, for example.

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