Photo of Nichalia in studio

Nichalia Schwartz

Voiceover | Vocals | Narration

About me

Are you looking for a voice that says clever college student, young mom, or confident 30-something career woman, for your project?

That's me! I'm a full-time professional voice actor with a home studio, and I want to work with you to make your project sound great.

  • Comfortable with big words & jargon
  • Can do video sync (including cartoon dubbing!)
  • MA Applied Linguistics; I can read IPA!
  • Experienced with intercultural communication
  • Can read Mandarin Chinese Pinyin
  • Can read music & sing; Can record your vocals, backing voices
  • Can come up with harmonies (see my kids song & a cappella demos!)
  • Can edit and master audio
  • Great with efforts and emotes!

Whether you need raw or ready-to-go audio, I'm on board! Message me now. I'm easy to talk to, and will reply right away.

Smart young adult sound.

Easy to work with, Happy to take direction.

Home Studio Specs

  • Double-walled acoustically treated booth
  • MIC: AT4050, Shure SM7B or AKG C414 xlii
  • INTERFACE: Babyface Pro FS
  • MIC PRE: Grace m101 Design
  • DAW: Studio One 5 Pro, Adobe Audition

What I do

Animation (Dubbing & Pre-lay)

Video Games

Audio Dramas









Happy Clients & Projects

Here are a few clients and projects I've worked with.

Most of my work is from referrals and repeat customers. Making sure you are happy is important to me!

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