Nichalia Schwartz  |  female American voiceover artist, singer and English language consultant.

Based in both the USA and near Hong Kong, Nichalia provides high-quality professional voiceovers for cartoons, films, audiobooks, e-learning, explainer videos, video games and more. In addition to VO, she is a singer, and stage performer. Her background is in English language and linguistics, and she loves working with the language.

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Hello from my home studio! Here’s a smattering of clips… Enjoy! -N

Did you know that a HUGE part of how we feel comes from what we are hearing?

Nichalia Schwartz, voiceover

Audio can change our moods, can inspire us, can get us moving, can make us cry, can help us focus, or make us stressed… although it’s best to avoid that last one!

Think of your favorite song, or a movie score you love. Think of your favorite video game voices, or a storyteller who kept you on the seat of your chair. It’s all audio. Audio is incredibly important.

I think every project deserves fantastic audio. The kind of sound that is purposefully constructed specifically to give your audience the feelings you want your project to inspire.

Nichalia voiceover artist

I’m Nikki, and I’d love to work with you on your project! Let’s talk.

Voiceover Audio Showreels

Here is a sample of my work, both past work and demo showreels.

  1. Commercial (Soft Sell) Compilation Nichalia Schwartz 1:47
  2. Character Voices Compilation Nichalia Schwartz 2:59
  3. Audiobook - Fable Nichalia Schwartz 3:11
  4. Commercial Compilation Nichalia Schwartz 2:59
  5. English (EFL) Practice Listening Multiple Voice Talents 2:07
  6. Character Voices 2017 Children's Show Nichalia Schwartz 1:31
  7. Little Girl Tour Guide 0:26
  8. Poetry (Sweet and Soft) Nichalia Schwartz, from the book Magnificent Lovers 0:54


Email | Studio@Nichalia.com

Phone – USA | 001 (417) 289-2999

Phone – China | +86 186-6468-6884